ON-DEMAND Webinar 

Three Ways to Prepare to Prevent Active Shootings

Duration: 40 Minutes

In response to increased stress in daily life and active shooting events that are happening in communities all over the country,  Kogniz is raising awareness for the latest thinking on how to prepare and prevent harm from an active shooter event.

Join active shooter prevention experts, Chris Grollnek and Rick Shaw, and Kogniz' Mike Whalen as they share research-based prevention and response methods and technologies that can help save lives, including:

  • Three actions you and your organization can take to prepare to prevent harm to employees in the event of an active shooting
  • Surprising facts about active shooter events and the role of police and bystanders
  • Tools and technologies to help you to prevent and respond to an active shooter event

Submit the from to learn from leading experts in active shooter prevention and response.   


Chris Grollnek

Active Shooter Expert
Chris Grollnek Consulting

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Rick Shaw

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Mike Whalen
Account Executive

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